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  • Project Name: Production and Hygiene Increase
  • Customer Request: Increase the production of the existing milling plant and improve the hygienic level of the semolina.
  • Preliminar Analysis: The existing milling plant with a production capacity of 300 tons per day, following functional and engineering analyses, highlighted the lack of specific machinery for the dehulling of cereals.

Solution Proposal

It was decided to integrate two sections of dehulling at the plant located in Algeria.

The design area was involved to study the best possible integration between our machinery and the plant in place. We have provided a two-step husking system, which takes care of removing part of the bran, keeping the grain intact, through an abrasive action.

The processing allows to reduce the presence of residues of pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins. This results in an increase in the hygienic level of groats, as well as in the grinding yield.

We also supplied an Aspiration Channel for cooling the dehusked product before grinding. Production was thus increased by 50 tonnes in the 24 hours, for a total of 350 tonnes.