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  • Project Name: Plant on Metal Structure
  • Customer Request: Install a new milling plant in an existing room, located in Italy.
  • Preliminar Analysis: The room provided to install the mill, as a result of functional and engineering analysis, highlighted the need of a metal structure.

Solution Proposal

We opted for the design of a plant on a metal structure. The design area was involved to analyze the available spaces, optimizing them to the best. We produced a structure with a ladder to place the machines.

The result is an 8-pass milling plant with a capacity of 28.5 tons in 24 hours, for the milling of durum wheat. It is complete with two silos for the storage of cereals and a silo for the containment of the grain mixture.

The plant has been designed to be technologically advanced, thanks to the studies conducted by our Research & Development department. In addition, it is in line with sanitary hygiene standards (HACCP), explosion safety standards (ATEX) and fire safety standards (VV.F).