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Customized design

Customized design is the flagship of the service package offered. Every customer is unique, and we recognise that needs can vary greatly. That is why we offer customized solutions, carefully designed to meet the specific needs of each client. We deal in tailor-made solutions, not standard projects. This approach ensures efficiency, precision and optimal results, helping the customer to achieve their production goals efficiently and affordably. To achieve these results, we always start with a thorough preliminary analysis.

Preliminary analysis

The preliminary analysis is fundamental for an efficient design. Before starting any project, we dedicate time to collect data and necessaries information for totally understand the need of the client. For example, we deeply study the available spaces for the plant’s installation, the expectations of production yield and the planned use for the final product. The preliminary analysis is the starting point to guarantee that the client obtain exactly that he needs.

“Creating unique solutions for the milling and agri-food industry”

Our mission

Milling diagram

The study of a milling diagram is essential for the correct design of a milling plant. This represents the flow of all the processes the different products undergo within the mill. Molitecnica Sud employs technologists and miller with many years of experience in the milling sector. The ideation of a well-optimised flow diagram allows to obtain the highest percentage of finished product (semolina and flour) from the processed grain.

Augmented reality

Molitecnica Sud has implemented Augmented Reality technology to offer the new AR design service. It is possible to let the customer view the required solution, even before it is built, using visors that calculate distances and spaces in real time and insert digital objects into the surrounding environment. In this way, a full-scale preview of the plant is projected, showing it within the space where the machines will be installed.

Others services

Maintenance and assistance

Molitecnica Sud has qualified personnel that assists customers at all times. Repairs, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance are carried out. Service agreements can also be arranged to anticipate and reduce machine downtime.

Automation and remote assistance

The company offers automation solutions to reduce human intervention, monitor plant production data and manage them remotely. Remote maintenance can also be carried out through remote maintenance platforms.

Staff training

Once the plant has been installed and tested, it is important for the customer’s staff to be able to manage it safely and at its best in order to obtain quality products. This is why Molitecnica Sud offers a training service for personnel.