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Molitecnica Sud has been operating in Made in Italy Milling and Agrifood Plants production for over 50 years.

Technological innovation and cutting-edge design are the elements that distinguish the typical activities of our production.
In over 50 years, we have developed a working method that makes innovation the keystone for developing 100% Made in Italy systems, characterized by a high level of automation.

We are convinced that the partnership with customers is at the basis of the development of our activities, the same that have characterized the past from which we come and that will continue to characterize the future towards which the Pellicola Group intends to move.

Our sophisticated milling systems are not just plants, but are the result of modern Molitech Technologies, which allow us to optimize the processing processes to obtain wheat, corn, rice and other cereal flours.
The entire production was born oriented towards obtaining genuine products for a correct and healthy diet, controlled by innovative software systems.

The reliability of the production processes has allowed us to consolidate relationships with customers by raising the level of perceived quality. In fact, we are convinced that trust animates the business relationship and that is why we try to establish it right from the start with the end customer.

An Italian company

Molitecnica Sud, protagonist of Made in Italy on the global markets, has always been active in Italy and abroad to guarantee with high technology, reliability, research and quality, high production standards punctually distributed throughout the world.
It is fundamental for us to document our production and logistics process, which is based on the research of quality, design and functionality, which levers on which the Italian milling culture has taken for us, energy and success.
The company pay-off "sensations' search around you", is the result of a series of actions that aim to support the search for the real need of the final customer, or rather of our true heritage, opportunities from which we at Molitecnica Sud take effect, from the first contacts thus becoming a fundamental and integral part of the Italian agri-food chain.
As an Italian Made Partner, we are today but we will also be in the future, the ideal support for the growth and development of food. For this reason we have certified the Made in Italy manufacturing processes and allow us to compete on the global markets with confidence, certain that the know-how of 50 years of Italian history, is the basis from which the process of internationalization took effect, the same one that looks to our future in time.

Molitecnica Sud’s method

Accustomed to set with method and skills activities and production processes, the same processes that aim to create, maintain and strengthen relationships with customers, we at Molitencnica South have become over time those who are able to influence, directly and indirectly, the demand for products and services of the Company-Customer, because we are at the side of companies that want to grow and take root over time.
The method developed and the relationships, for us have assumed an increasing importance according to customer orientation. The goal is to provide value to the end customer, according to a long-term logic and therefore an expression of loyalty. In fact, we believe that fidelity is one of the fundamental elements of the company’s patrimony of which we are proud and, consequently, we aim at a progressive enrichment of the business-customer relationship.