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  • Project Name: Plant in Reduced Space
  • Customer Request: Install a milling plant in a small room, to replace an obsolete plant.
  • Preliminar Analysis: The room provided to install the mill, as a result of functional and engineering analysis, highlighted a reduced available space.

Solution Proposal

We opted for the design of a tailor-made plant. The design area was involved to analyze the available spaces, optimizing them to the best. We have produced a metal structure with attached staircase, to fully exploit the area of the room.

All the machines have been inserted to create a 6-pass milling plant for the milling of durum wheat, with a production capacity of 28.5 tons in 24 hours.

Despite the small size of the mill, it was designed to be at the forefront. In fact, it presents control and automation systems, usable through a PLC.