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  • Project Name: Existing Plant Extension
  • Customer Request: Expand the existing milling plant for the milling of soft wheat.
  • Preliminar Analysis: The existing milling plant with a production capacity of 400 tons in 24 hours, following functional and engineering analysis, highlighted the lack of machines sufficient to produce 500 tons in 24 hours. In addition, it was necessary to study a new milling diagram by technologists.

Solution Proposal

We opted for the integration of new milling, selection, cleaning and debranning sections at the plant located in Angola.

The design area was involved to study the best possible integration between our machinery and the plant in place. We have supplied new Rollermills, Plansifters, Rotating Sifters and Debranners and other necessary accessory machines such as Filters, Dry Stoners, Transport Systems, etc. New electrical panels have been supplied for greater automation of the mill, integrating the functional management of the existing plant, via PLC.

We also studied a new milling diagram that allowed the increase of production with the best yield and the lowest energy consumption.

The production capacity is thus increased by 100 tons in the 24 hours, for a total of 500.