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The history of Molitecnica Sud starts when the Knight of Labour Giuseppe Pellicola has the idea to produce handmade mills machineries.

The production starts in a workshop, in the late ‘70s in Altamura, in the southern Italy.
The workshop was very small and it was on the ground floor of his house.

The available tools were simple and the technology was underdeveloped, but the passion for the work compensated these lacks.
The same passion for the work was imparted to his four sons that helped Giuseppe from the beginning.

He decide to enlarge his workshop into a small company of 1300 square meters, in 1986.
In 1987, Molitecnica Sud is officially founded.

The research for new products and the productivity growth lead him to realize small and big plants.
Because of the experimental production techniques and innovative ideas, the company has today a new plant, continuously in enlargement.

The history of Molitecnica Sud goes on, keeping the high quality, checking the manufacturing process in person and paying attention to the details.
Today Giuseppe’s sons manage the company, keeping the same feeling of that time.