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Molitecnica Sud realtà aumentata a IPACKIMA 2022
Visitor trying the augmented reality

Molitecnica Sud presented its new augmented reality services at IPACKIMA in Milan, which it took part from 3 to 6 May 2022.

The company has invested with determination in one of the most important international events in the agri-food and techno-food industry. Always committed as a “solution provider“, the company welcomed visitors in an environment animated by 4.0 technologies and tools.

Molitecnica Sud showed its plants in real size using augmented reality visors. This technology allowed visitors to view different plants without moving from the stand and to easily interact with the machines by browsing through their internals parts and disassembling them with a “click“. Not to be underestimated is the ecosustainable aspect: this choice made it possible to avoid an estimated consumption of 2 tons of CO₂ due to the transport of the machines from the production site to the fair.

What does Molitecnica Sud do?

Molitecnica Sud designs and manufactures customised milling and agri-food plants that are 100% Made in Italy certified. In particular, the company specialises in the construction of machinery and equipment for mills, feed mills, bakeries and pasta factories, as well as storage systems and auxiliary machinery. In addition, it provides its customers with a range of services, including personalised consultancy and pre- and after-sales technical assistance.

The package of services offered was enriched, as a preview at IPACKIMA, with new augmented reality design and advanced remote assistance services.

How do the new augmented reality services work?

Augmented reality design involves the use of a visor, through which the plant to be built is projected in real size, in the space where it will be installed. In this way, it is possible not only to show a preview of the project, but also to check that there are no structural obstacles and that the machines are perfectly positioned.

Advanced remote assistance, instead, uses a dedicated platform, through which Molitecnica Sud’s specialist technicians are able to connect to the customer’s smartphone or visor to guide them in solving any problems. In this way, the company is able to intervene immediately and assist customers anywhere in the world. In addition, thanks to this technology, Molitecnica Sud is going green, reducing CO₂ consumption due to staff travel.

Carlo Pellicola’s declarations

Molitecnica Sud and Anselmo Group

Carlo Pellicola, CEO of Molitecnica Sud, says: “Our goal for this edition of IPACKIMA was to surprise, and I would say that we have succeeded in doing so”.

“Our visitors found a large, completely empty stand, which made them curious. Some of them thought the stand was still being set up, but then they put on our augmented reality visors and realised what it was all about. In fact, thanks to this technology they were able to look at our plants and machines in a new, cutting-edge way. I am very pleased with the success we have had, and we have even received compliments from our competitors.

Carlo Pellicola concludes: “I am really glad to have taken part in IPACKIMA with Molitecnica Sud and our partners Gruppo Anselmo, Gruppo Pellicola and Technalia, especially after all these years in which no fairs were held. See you next time!”