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Molitecnica Sud has decided to expand its partner network with DIME Metal Design in order to increase its capacity to satisfy more and more customers.

As many small and large companies have been doing in recent years, Molitecnica Sud is also focusing on partner network. In fact, a collaboration with Gruppo Anselmo was already announced at the beginning of 2022.

Come tante piccole e grandi imprese stanno facendo negli ultimi anni, anche Molitecnica Sud punta sulla rete di partner. Infatti, all’inizio del 2022 era già stata annunciata la partnership con Gruppo Anselmo.

What are the advantages of the partner network?

Molitecnica Sud: Stabilimento

The partner network is the winning card for many motives: economic, social or to promote the development of the territory.

In this historical moment, the thought of independence could preclude various situations that could arise through collaboration. In fact, one of the main reasons for partnerships between companies is to share opportunities.

When two companies enter into new markets, they are able to undertake new initiatives by developing synergies that are essential for achieving certain cost reduction and competition objectives.

The approach of successful companies such as Molitecnica Sud, today, is the cooperation used to achieve a communion of means and capacity to accomplish various tasks and objectives. In this manner, encouraging long-term investment, information sharing and technological development can create a real business.

What do the two companies do?

Coclee Dime Metal Design

Molitecnica Sud has been operating in Made in Italy Certificate Milling and Agrifood Plants production. The company is specialized in the production of equipments for Mills, Feed Mills, Bakeries, Pasta Factories and also Storage systems and Auxiliary Machines. It provides its customers a Consultation and Technical Assistance Service pre and post Sale.

Dime Metal Design is a metalworking company specializing in metal sheet, metal structures and accessories for industrial and food plants. The company’s hallmarks are its constant focus on innovation and its love of its work, which enables it to meet any customer requirement. The company employs a highly qualified personnel and a technical design office for industrial and food plants capable of realising any request.ichiesta.

What do they have in common?

Molitecnica Sud: Progetto Impianto Molitorio

Both companies have in common the importance given to customised design and the authority of the respective professionals in the company staff. They also share a strong passion for their work that led them to undertake a common path.

Following the various changes shaped by global markets and the economy, the partnership’s mission focuses on “providing customers with maximum added value”.

The successful customer relationship that unites Dime Metal Design and Molitecnica Sud lies in the high quality of the services provided. This has been possible thanks to the approach built on the satisfaction of the final customer.

To discover more, visit the partners page.