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  • Project Name: Plansichter avec Structure à Tiroir
  • Demande du Client: Plansichter avec remplacement facile des cadres
  • Analyse Prévisionelle: L’usine de fraisage située en Italie, après analyse fonctionnelle et technique, a souligné la nécessité d’un plansichter avec remplacement facile des cadres
  • Emplacement: Italie

Solution Proposal

The space provided to install the machine is limited. The mill for the processing of bio products, designed and produced by Molitecnica Sud, is in an existing room of small size.

For this reason, the design area has developed, together with the Research & Development department, a Plansifter defined as « drawer ». It allows you to replace the frames simply by pulling them out of their spaces, just as if they were drawers. This allows easy replacement even in small spaces.