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Ventricelli (Confimi Industry) to Government: “The South is to be considered as a great opportunity. Create an unique large special economic zone”.

Rome July 30, 2019. “Southern Italy must be considered a great resource, the great opportunity of the Country. And not an unfortunate relative to whom to give a tip or a handout. The Government can and must value this territory. Not only through an important infrastructure plan, which is necessary as well, especially for ports and railways. But considering it, culturally speaking, the locomotive for all Italy”.

This is how Sergio Ventricelli, President of Confimi Industry Apulia and Managing Director of Cultural Industry, started his speech at the meeting at Palazzo Chigi. The meeting was held between the Social Parties, organized by the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte with the presence of the Minister for Economic Development Luigi Di Maio, Minister for the South Barbara Lezzi and the Deputy Minister at MEF Massimo Garavaglia to discuss the“Plan for the South”.

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Ventricelli continued by saying: “There is a need to value the great excellences that the South has and that are not just agriculture and tourism. But also mechatronics, aerospace, logistics and the cultural and creative industry. Matera, European Capital of Culture of 2019 is a heritage on which to build the next development immediately. But it takes planning and resources. No rain funding. And Confimi is ready to do its part”.

Finally, a proposal on the Special Economic Zones (ZES). Ventricelli concluded: “ZES is a great opportunity, but we believe that more can be done. How? Transforming the entire south into an exclusive economic zone. Where to attract new investments and significant settlements, starting with Industry 4.0 and the environment”.

Molitecnica Sud congratulates the president Sergio Ventricelli, for his interesting intervention with the Government and for having represented the Southern Italy.