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The mill’s machines are heritage of the history of this art.
They were revised to be restored to their original splendor. This was a typical attitude of ‘80s – ‘90s.

The interventions were done on the overused machineries. Molitecnica Sud performed revision interventions too. These machineries were transported to our workshop, where we proceeded to the disassembly of all the part. Then, we proceeded with the revision of each component.

There usually were oxide’s encrustations, dirt and grease on the surfaces and on the gears. The metal parts were degraded causing breakage in some parts of the machineries. Every component was carefully examined to be perfectly repaired.

The revision interventions have been done for a lot of years. But this activity is no longer considered. On the contrary, it is not recommended. Today it is proposed the installation of new, modern and certified machineries. The solution results more performing for the entire plant also more economical!