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Here are the 6 certifications absolutely necessary for your mill, which will help you to ensure the highest quality and a high level of safety. They can also be useful for your feed mill, bakery or pasta factory.

In previous articles we have often pointed out that one of the objectives of a mill is the food safety of flour. It means that a food does not contain substances harmful to man. In addition, another key requirement is the possibility to reconstruct the traceability of the product.

Only a constant technological innovation allows the mill to reach and obtain the certifications.
The flour must comply with ever higher food safety standards, quality characteristics required and rules imposed by compliance with traceability.

What is a certification

Before analysing the certifications required for the mill, it is important to understand what is a certification.

A certificate is the certificate issued by an organism outside the company and accredited, which declares a product, a specific process, a service or a Management System in conformity with a Reference Standard.

Reference Standards may be mandatory or voluntary, and shall apply at national (UNI), European (CEN) or international (ISO) levels.

Certifying a product means giving it added value by virtue of certain characteristics possessed by the product itself.

The certifications for the mill

Now we come to analyze the 6 fundamental certifications that every mill should get.

Certifications Mill: IFS International Food StandardIFS – International Food Standard

The IFS (International Food Standard) standard is a standard whose purpose is to define food safety requirements. One of the peculiar aspects on which the IFS Standard is based is the Food Defence, whose purpose is to ensure that the product is protected against deliberate or intentional counterfeiting or contamination.

BRC – Global Standard for Food Safety

The BRC standard is a globally recognised and validated standard. The main purpose of BRC certification is to define safety and food quality requirements. Thanks to the BRC standard, the certified company is able to demonstrate the robustness of its management system for food safety in the various stages ensuring greater control of its supply network.

UNI 10854:1999

This certification is based on the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and critical Control Point) method. This protocol was drawn up to monitor the food safety of astronauts. This concept of food safety has now become a compulsory procedure for all food companies. The HACCP system is needed to minimise the possibility of contamination and to act promptly if food safety is at risk.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 is one of the most important standards for product safety in the agribusiness. The aim is to control and optimise all aspects of management and production. This means, for the customer, the certainty of buying safe and high quality products, because they are certified and subjected to periodic checks that are carried out by inspectors of the certifying bodies.

Certifications Mill: UNI EN ISO 22005:2008UNI EN ISO 22005:2008

The certification according to the UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 standard is a certification that focuses on the control of the “Traceability system in the agri-food industry”. This standard is correlated to an agreement with the enforced Law, that it previews the presence of an integrated approach of the concepts of traceability along all the row.

Certificate of Conformity of Organic Products

The organic certification, recognizable by the EuroLeaf brand, indicates that a food has been obtained through the organic farming only. Essential requirement to obtain it, is the respect of Reg. CE n. 834/07 and 889/08. This certification is obtained from the control carried out by an agency accredited by MIPAF (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry).

The certifications of Molitecnica Sud

The certifications of Molitecnica Sud are an indication of quality and seriousness. Our presence on the international market commits the company to respect the Quality Management and Organizational System. In addition, it is constantly updated according to current legislation. The certifications acquired by the company are ISO 9001:2015, EN 1090-1:2009+A 1-2011, Transformation Centre n° 2510/13 and “Made in Italy 100%“. Click here to know more about the certifications acquired by Molitecnica Sud.