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Help small and medium-sized enterprises to discover and learn about the opportunities of digitisation in the 4.0 Industry. This is the theme behind the meeting in the Chamber of Commerce in Bari, held on 28th October 2019. The event was organized by Confimi Food in collaboration with Schneider Electric.

Today, the use of data in enterprises is often partial. Yet, as soon as you implement a process of valorization of all business data, starting from an overview of all sources, the data becomes a “business carrier”, which defines business strategies.

Underlying this development is a digitisation process that allows SMEs to remain competitive in increasingly dynamic and fast markets.

In the course of the meeting these themes were explored with a focus on the case studies of companies that have already digitized, taking advantage of the incentives 4.0 Enterprise and the advantages obtained.

digitalizzazione delle imprese

The speeches

During the event about the digitisation of enterprises, have spoken:

Pietro Marcato, National President of Confimi Food Industry: “The innovation project here is about talking about our problems, about competitiveness. Also to help companies in the food world to make a leap forward, a leap into the future”.

digitalizzazione delle impreseAlessandro Tatone, President of Confimi Food Indutry Bari: “In Bari and Puglia in general there are shadow areas. Because there are situations of extraordinary excellence, really avant-garde realities. In other realities instead there is still much to do. Also because of our economic situation”.

Riccardo Figliolia (General Secretary of Confimi Apulia), Alessandro Tatone (President of Confimi Food Indutry Bari), Pietro Marcato (National President of Confimi Food Industry), Michele Zema (Commercial Director of CSQA and President of Confimi Food Industry Apulia).
digitalizzazione delle imprese

Sergio Ventricelli, President of Confimi Industry Apulia: “It is inevitable that certain innovative processes must accelerate on our territory. Otherwise there is a risk of falling behind because of global competition. As excellent as the product can be, it must be accompanied by a development process involving logistics, marketing and innovation”.

Riccardo Figliolia (General Secretary of Confimi Apulia), Sergio Ventricelli (President of Confimi Industry Apulia), Pietro Marcato (National President of Confimi Food Industry).

Carlo Pellicola, Management Director of Molitecnica Sud and Vicepresident of Confimi Industry Bari BAT Foggia: “We are working to develop increasingly advanced automation and monitoring systems to be installed on our plants. This is to meet the needs of customers who want advanced products, to be in step with digitization”.

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