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Confimi: Italy is at the second place in Europe, after Germany, in the industry of manufacture. Even if the economical crisis hit the small and medium enterprises.

Our country has kept good production capacities. These are useful to emerge from the crisis, but it is important to act for the industrial growth and to support it.

It has been discussed during the meeting organised by Confimi Industry, focused on the mechanical engineering of the future. The aim of the meeting was to discuss about the art of the mechanical and manufacturing industry in Italy and in Apulia.

During the meeting the member of Confimi partecipated at the debate:

Sergio Ventricelli, President of Confimi Industry Apuglia: “They talk about the problems, but it is also important to know that our country produce a lot. Most of the production is in the North of Italy, but there are nice companies also in the South. One of the problems of the South is the logistic. Often they are forced to export using excessive movement. If there were a better logistic infrastructure system, for example in Taranto, that would really be helpful“.

Riccardo Chini, President of Confimi Industry Mechanical Engineering: “The mechanical engineering of the future is innovative. More advanced solutions are produced to solve the problems of the consumer. Furthermore it integrates the process of ridefinition of the industry”.

Carlo Pellicola, Vicepresident of Confimi Industry Bari: “In recent times the employees has achieved important benefits. I hope that a renovation of the contracts could improve the balance between the benefits of the employees and the employers, keeping the same responsibility for both”.