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Confimi Industry Bari focus on Chile and does so through a fruitful collaboration with the Chilean Embassy in Italy and the prochile development agency. Confimi Industry Bari, Bat, Foggia promoter of a meeting in the Chamber of Commerce of Bari in collaboration with the two Chilean institutions, Dialogòi, Production District of the Cultural Industry and ApuliaPromotion.

In a previous article we already talked about the meeting between Molitecnica Sud and Chilean institutions, you can read the article here.

Sergio Romero Pizarro, Ambassador of the Republic of Chile to Italy made his debut:

“What we want to do today is not just a presentation of our country. But to talk about concrete possibilities for the common growth of our small and medium-sized industries. We have the resources, of course, but you have the technology, the high-level machinery and the specialization of the employees. We can and must combine our added values. I think it is necessary to create a Chilean consulate here in Bari that can be a safe and reliable environment to facilitate investments and flows of people. We became curious about Apulia because many people came here to discover this land, and moved there definitively”.

Chile is one of the most dynamic countries in Latin America. It currently has 28 free trade agreements with 64 markets worldwide, covering 86.3% of global GDP. Numbers that make it a strategic platform to reach important economic systems such as those Latin American and Asian area to which it directs about 30% of exports, excluding copper.

Sergio Ventricelli, President of Confiscation Bari said:

“We will take our companies to the most technological South American country and we will also open up to tourism. Bari and Puglia have always been committed to trade towards the East. We are guilty of being short-sighted when it comes to the West. That is why I am calling on the regional system today to accompany our companies in seizing this opportunity. We should consider, for example, the opening of an air route to the Chilean capital in view to a first entrepreneurial mission in the next 2020. Strengthening, for Puglia and Chile, a sector that is today strategic and already rich in recognition”.

confimi industria cile

Relations with Chile are worth 1.8€ billion for Italian exports.

The mining and forestry industries (copper and cellulose are strategic for Italian imports) naturally contribute to maintaining leadership positions in the global scenario. Along with 29 product categories including grapes, cherries and fresh blueberries, plums, salmon fillets, trout fillets, sea urchins and seaweed. Two complementary economies, the Italian and Chilean, because when importing raw materials (hazelnuts, walnuts, kiwi, frozen mussels and plywood) responds to the sending of high-value machinery for industrial processing, to which the supply side of logistics, plant engineering and construction. Still cars, medicines and cosmetics, but also paper, corn carton and corn.

Alberto gorgone, a prochile sales representative, explained:

“A composite framework, therefore, whose joint initiatives can promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in both countries by exchanging, together with goods and products, also technologies and knowhow in areas of common interest”. Prochile is an institution charged with increasing and diversifying the country’s exports by supporting the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as promoting image, innovation and entrepreneurship.