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Concrete help to raise the economy from covid-19

Press release by Carlo Pellicola
Management Director of Molitecnica Sud and President of Confimi Meccanica Puglia

Dear entrepreneur friends.

Given the particular period we are experiencing and the very bad economic situation which imposes an urgent need for liquidity for companies, I cannot help notice interesting data from European and non-European nations.

In Germany, they have already paid out immediate bonuses to self-employed workers, ranging from 1500€ to 5000€ non-repayable. To access the bonus is sufficient an online request in which you provide personal and banking data.

In the Netherlands they have provided aid of 4 thousand euros without restitution to the activities. In addition, you receive a contribution of 1500€ per person for 3 months. Employees are paid 95% by the state. At the end there is the possibility for companies to access a loan up to 10 thousand euro taxed at 2% and with repayment from January 2021.

Overseas instead, in the United States they have disbursed cash for each activity up to 10 thousand dollars. In addition, they contributed $1,200 per person, plus $500 per child.

The situation in Italy

While in Italy there seems to be a situation still too confusing. There is talk of liquidity to companies, but still nothing is concrete. In addition, bureaucracy is slowing down operations.

Just think that for 15 thousand euro of credit you need to provide as many as 19 documents. There is talk of a rush to the banks, but the times, therefore, are not immediate. The amount of business borrowing is certainly putting banks in difficulty, but it is a matter of days before small businesses collapse.

For this reason it is clear that the best solution to raise the economy from covid-19 would be a decree of liquidity that guarantees the survival of companies with grants and not loans.

We at Confimi Puglia are ready to discuss with the Regional Government, to define useful and effective provisions and tools in the greater interest of the entire Apulian community.

Carlo Pellicola
Management Director of Molitecnica Sud and President of Confimi Meccanica Puglia

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